Getting Started

SEO is the official SEO integration for the Hyas framework. This guide will help you get started with SEO already installed. See the manual setup instructions to add SEO to an existing Hyas project.

Quick start

To follow this guide, you’ll need an existing Hyas project with SEO installed.

Check if SEO is installed

Check if SEO is installed by running the following command in your project’s root directory:

This will print the version of the package installed. If nothing is printed, you’ll first need to add SEO — proceed with the manual setup instructions.

Customize SEO

Customize SEO

Update settings, parameters, and page frontmatter.

Updating SEO

SEO is a Hyas integration, and is updated like any @hyas/* integration (or theme):

See the SEO changelog for a full list of the changes made in each release.

Troubleshooting SEO

Use the Settings, Parameters, and Page Frontmatter reference pages to ensure that SEO is configured and functioning properly. See the guides in the sidebar for topic-specific help.

If your answer cannot be found in these docs, please visit the full Hyas Docs for complete Hyas documentation. Your question may be answered by understanding how Hyas works in general, underneath this SEO integration.

You can also check for any known SEO issues on GitHub, and get help in Hyas Discussions from our active, friendly community!